3 Fun & Unique Facts About Roller Skating

We want to celebrate National Roller Skating Month with fun facts about our favorite past time! Check out our favorite awesome facts about roller skating, then strap on your skates and skate with us today.

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roller skatingA Wedding on Wheels

It’s not too hard to imagine a young couple on their first date racing around the rink in roller skates. But can you imagine a couple wearing roller skates at their own wedding? In 1912, a couple got married while wearing roller skates! It’s safe to say that roller skating was their favorite past time. And this isn’t a tradition that’s been left in the past. We’ve even had a couple of weddings and engagements at Rollhaven!

Roller Skates Debut in the Food Industry

In the 1950’s, it was common to order food from a drive-in and see your attendant come to your car on roller skates! This not only made the customer’s wait time shorter, but also gave the customer a show. The fast-food restaurant Sonic has a Sonic Skate-Off every year to find out which location has the most skilled skaters!

Roller Skating Provides the Best Workout

We all know that roller skating has incredible health benefits. It not only improves your endurance but also strengthens your heart, burns calories, and gives you a full body workout. But did you know that roller skating is much easier on your joints than almost any other workout? Put away your tennis shoes and strap on your skates for a workout that won’t hurt your joints!

So maybe you won’t get married on roller skates, but you can definitely skate with us today to celebrate National Roller Skating Month! Interested in lessons? Check out what we offer!

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