4 Ways Roller Skating Leads To Great Health

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This summer it’s time to enjoy yourself! No school, no homework is what summer is about. Make sure you don’t waste your entire summer inside on your phones and in front of your televisions. This summer make it unforgettable at Rollhaven. Not only does Rollhaven in all three locations offer non-stop fun, it’s also a great way to stay healthy. In today’s post, we have put together four ways roller skating leads to a healthy lifestyle:

Staying Active and Fit

Come skate for an hour and burn 600 calories, two hours and you’ll burn off a solid 1,200 – now that’s a great workout.


It’s proven that while exercising your body let’s out positive endorphins to make you happier. That means that the entire time you are skating you will be happier than if you sat on the couch playing video games all day. And hey, who doesn’t like to be happy?

Fun for all ages!

If it’s skating with your children, friends or as an adult, roller skating is fun for all ages and it’s family friendly making it 100% safe and fun for all.

Get a break from the summer heat

This summer it’s going to be hot! Take a break from outside and head inside into the coolness at Rollhaven and enjoy your summertime with us! Want to know more about all the summer events we have? Check out our calendars at all three locations!

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