Book Your Holiday Party At Rollhaven

Holiday party packagesHalloween is almost here and that means Thanksgiving is coming around the corner and Christmas is quickly approaching. At all three Rollhaven locations, we take pride in providing a clean, fun and safe environment for skaters of all ages. Whether you’re looking to have some fun rolling with us during open skate or book a party for you, your family and friends – Rollhaven is the place to be during the holidays.

Spend time skating, gaming, jumping in the Bounce House or even have your event catered. Book your private holiday party with us today. Our holiday private parties allow you to customize your fun. Packages include two hours of skating, skate/blade rental, unlimited pizza and soda, and more! Group rates are also available for public sessions if you don’t mind partying around other skaters. Laser tag can also be added to the private party package at our Grand Blanc Twp. location, just ask us!

No matter what Rollhaven location you want to go to,whether it be Grand Blanc Twp., Flushing or Owosso, our team of friendly roller skating associates are always ready to assist you with booking questions. So don’t wait until the holidays are here to book your private holiday party at Rollhaven. Give us a call to book yours today!
For more information about sessions and party bookings at any one of our Rollhaven locations, visit our website. Do you enjoy rollin’ at Rollhaven? Rate and share your experience with our team in the comment section below, today. We always enjoy hearing from you!

Celebrate National Roller Skating Month

roller skateWhen you think of the month of October you may think of pumpkins, ghosts, haunted houses, candy, parties, costumes and more; but what else does October mean? National Roller Skating Month! That’s right, ever since October of 1983, our nation has honored roller skating during the month of October, so head to one of our Rollhaven locations and join the Rollhaven team in a month that celebrates fitness and family fun.

National Roller Skating Month was established in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan. He declared this month to remind families of the benefits of roller skating including a safe place to have fun with your family while getting fit, too!

In today’s world, many people are plugged into electronics (cell phones, laptops, computers, tablets, TVs, etc.), so it’s always refreshing to disconnect from the World Wide Web and partake in some quality fun with family and friends, and getting in some fitness fun is always a bonus! Not to mention, with the cool fall temperatures settling in, October is a great time to bring the fun inside the rink.

The Rollhaven team hopes you take part in our favorite month of the year – National Roller Skating Month! Check out our schedule to stay up to day on the days and nights that we are open this month.

For more information about our sessions and party bookings at any of the Rollhaven locations, visit our website. Do you enjoy rollin’ with us at Rollhaven? Rate and share your experiences with us in the review section of our Facebook page today. We always enjoy hearing from you!

Skate Lessons For Skaters Of All Ages

family-of-4Roller skating is a lifelong activity that’s easy to learn that has many other health benefits on your body, so it doesn’t matter at what age you learn to skate. That’s why at Rollhaven we invite skaters of all ages to learn to skate at our skating classes. Whether you’re a beginning skaters, intermediate skater looking to improve your skills or a skater looking to learn more about speed skating, we have a class for you. Check out our class schedule!

Grand Blanc

Beginner Class Dates, Saturdays, 10:00-10:30am

October 1st thru 22nd
October 29th thru November 26th (skip November 12th)
January 7th thru January 28th
February 4th thru February 25th
March 4th thru March 25th
April 8th thru April 29th

Note: (Intermediate Class, Saturdays, 9:30-10:00am: dates are the same as Beginner Classes)


Beginner Class Dates, Tuesdays, 6:00-6:30pm:

October 4th thru October 25th
November 1st thru November 22nd
December 6th thru December 27th
January 10th thru January 31st
February 7th thru February 28th
March 7th thru March 28th



Beginner Class Dates, Sundays, 1:30-2:00pm

October 2nd thru October 23rd
October 30th thru November 20th
January 8th thru January 29th
February 5th thru February 26th
March 5th thru March 26th
April 2nd thru April 30th (skip April 16th)

Visit our website for more information about our classes and skate sessions at each Rollhaven locations. Do you enjoy rollin’ with us at Rollhaven? Rate and share your experience with us in the review section of our Facebook page. We enjoy hearing from you!

Making The Most Of Your Roll Time

Roller Skating games Everything is better on roller skates, right? Our team at Rollhaven says “absolutely!” Roller skating is a great way to build endurance and get in shape. Check out some cool games to play next time you’re at the rink.

Relay races
Classic relay races are also fun on roller skates. Pick up speed and bring your team to victory!

4 Corners
Everyone skates until the music stops then everyone has to skate to 1 of the 4 corners of the rink. With their eyes closed, one designated person calls out a corner 1-4. If your corner is called out, you are eliminated. The game goes on until only 1 person is left standing.

Freeze tag
Lace up your skates and have fun with friends with this classic game. One person is selected to be the “tagger.” This person goes around trying to tap their friends, while everyone else tries their best to stay away from the tagger because if they are tagged-they’re frozen!

A classic game of limbo, on roller skates! See how low you can go on skates. Don’t touch the stick.

These are just some of the fun games kids can play on roller skates. It’s a fun way to get the kids moving. Join us this week for Open Skate at the rink. Visit our website for session hours and admission details.

For more information about sessions and parties at Rollhaven, visit our website or give us a call at 810-694-4533 (Grand Blanc location).

Do you like rollin’ at Rollhaven? Rate and share your experience with us in the review section of our Facebook page today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

A Fun Alternative to Roller Skating

Laser tag at Rollhaven At Rollhaven, we specialize in clean family fun for people of all ages and understand that roller skating may not be for everyone. That’s why we offer other attractions like laser tag at our Grand Blanc location.  Check out why laser tag with us is a great alternative to roller skating.

You Are The Game!

Participants are split into two teams and play to get the highest score. What does it take to get the highest score? Your team gets one point each time a player tags an opponent, so the team with the most points at the end of the gyms, wins. Do you want to know the best part? Nobody is ever out of the game, if you get tagged, you simply go to the Energy Pod to recharge your Phaser. You’ll be back in the game in no time!

Let’s Get Started.

After a brief explanation of the game, players are given lightweight vests and phasers, then put right in the middle of all the action. We use water-based fog, a non-allergenic theater grade product, to protect players and no actual lasers are used in this game.

It’s A Game for Everyone.

This activity is great for birthday parties, families, youth groups, scouts, office team building exercises. Don’t wait, call and schedule your next activity with us. Ask about our private arena rental.  

For more information about laser tag at Rollhaven in Grand Blanc Twp., visit our website or give us a call at 810-694-4533.
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Book Your Next Birthday Bash at Rollhaven

Birthday parties One of the best things about growing up are the birthday parties and at Rollhaven, we take pride in hosting awesome birthday parties from kids of all ages.

Whether your Rollhaven location is Grand Blanc, Owosso or Flushing, our team is ready to give your child the best birthday party they’ve had yet!

We offer a variety of birthday party packages including a glow party, a party featuring the party pal of your choice, and more.

All of our party packages include fresh, hot pizza, soda, table settings & balloon bouquet, tokens and more! The birthday boy/girl also gets to take a trip to the money machine!

Your guests can do all our activities or just one, we can make your party glow or you can add character to your party with one of our seven party pals. Kids can choose from Hello Kitty, the Ninja Turtles, Dora The Explorer, Spongebob, Darth Vader , Kylo Ren or our newest character, Bob the Minion and more! Visit our website to book your birthday party character today!

Want to have the rink all to yourself fo your party? If you’re wanting a private birthday party, or if you’re looking to book a private party for a reunion, corporation, school party or other celebration, look no further, we book private parties, too!

For more information about booking birthday parties at Rollhaven, visit our website or give us a call. Visit our website for a list of our contact phone numbers. Birthday parties are available by reservation only.

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Spice up your classroom with a back to school STEM field trip

STEM field trips Summer’s in full swing right now, but soon,the leaves will begin to change colors and the kiddos will be getting ready to go back to school, but back to school doesn’t mean the fun at Rollhaven stops.

Calling all educators: Are you tired of your kids not being engaged in the classroom? Would you say you find kids to be more kinetic learners? Well, Rollhaven is the perfect place for you. Get ready to bring your students to our science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) field trips. Where we combine science and health with learning, and make it fun!

Students will leave understanding that STEM concepts can be found in everyday experiences, even fun experiences like roller skating. Depending on the education level, teachers can choose from the following STEM topics.

Elementary topics

The science of roller skating

Motion and rink design

Music, math and roller skating

Super sound! Acoustics and rink design

Engineering magic and lighting

Heart, health and fitness

Formulas, fractions, and fun; the relationship between math and roller skating

Middle school topics

Science of roller skating

Motion and rink design

Music, math and roller skating

Acoustics and roller skating design

Science of lighting

Physics of artistic roller skating

Heart, health and fitness

Formulas, fractions and fun; the relationship between math and roller skating


For more information about Rollhaven visit our website.

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Skaters share why they roll at Rollhaven

Five Tweens
Check out what people are saying about our
Rollhaven locations.


“Had my daughter’s birthday party there… She and her friends had a blast, as well as, her mother and myself. Our server was the model of service with a smile. Will definitely go back to skate with my family.” – Larry R Hooks

“Great birthday parties! It’s tough to remember that it’s not just for kids; adults can seriously get their sweat on there, too. Don’t wait 20 years and then come back and say,”I did this all the time when I was a kid!” You never need to stop going. :)” – Kara Brown

“I love this place, the staff are very nice and caring. My grand kids took skating lessons there and enjoyed it very much!” – Iris Cleveland


“Great atmosphere !! Fun for all ages. Great place for the Family. :-)” – Matt Jordan

“Lots of fun, the building always looks clean, and the staff is friendly. Great place for a birthday party.” – Rick Dake

“Took my four-year-old tonight & he loved it! We will definitely be coming back… The staff were amazing & the teenagers were very cautious around him. We had a lot of fun!” – Cortney Sierkowski

Grand Blanc

“Great family fun! The employees were super friendly. I love the Saturday morning kid’s skate. Great time of the day to bring a beginner.” – Shawnna Shorkey

“I scheduled a birthday party at rollhaven for my seven-year-old grandson and he had the time of his life . It was a perfect spot for the kids they all had a blast and time sure went by quick. It was a good deal considering everything that was included. Our server was as sweet as she could be and it was a wonderful time-we will definitely do this again.” – Sandra Kus

“I went here to skate as a kid and now my kids skate here. They go almost every week and always have a great time. The kids skate free program is an absolute blessing. We love the owners and the staff are friendly…Keep up the good work Rollhaven!” – Princess Dee Rockman

Do you have awesome memories at Rollhaven you’d like to share with us? Rate us on Facebook and tell us all about it!

For more information about our Rollhaven locations, visit our website.

Top Songs We Love Skating To This Summer

We know that people visit Rollhaven for a variety of reasons. Whether you get a babysitter so you and your significant other can enjoy skating together or if you come for a child’s birthday party, we know that Rollhaven is full of fun. One of the things that makes our roller skating rink so great is the music. Music has always been a part of roller skating, and we like keeping that tradition going strong at our rinks in Michigan.

music notesToday, we want to share our top 5 Summer Skating Songs:

  1. ♫ “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake
  2. ♫ “Sorry” by Justin Bieber
  3. ♫ “Uptown Funk!” by Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars
  4. ♫ “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX
  5. ♫ “Good Vibrations” by Beach Boys

We know that skaters love to get down and skate and dance around to some of the Top 40 tunes, so we don’t ignore the top hits. We also keep a close eye on what is most frequently requested.

Now it’s your turn! We want to ask you, our skaters, for your input! Maybe you think some of the classics should be added to this list, or maybe you think it is time to wipe out the old and bring in the new. Share with us your favorite skate songs that you want to hear most at Rollhaven. So, next time you are out, make sure you let us know us your favorite skate songs that you want to hear most at Rollhaven this summer.

♫ Dance on, skaters! ♫

Learn All About S.T.E.M. at Rollhaven

In the education environment, the acronym S.T.E.M. holds great value; these letters stand for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — fields which are part of many curricula. Generating interest in these fields can have tremendous benefits for children, but they can also have fun in the process of learning. At Rollhaven, children can do just that: learn all about S.T.E.M. and have fun with our S.T.E.M specific field trips! Take a look at how these fields are important:


Supplementary Education

Schools generally have educational programs in science and mathematics, but students do not always have the opportunity to explore engineering and technology. Even if electives are offered in these subjects during high school, the fear of the unknown can overwhelm young learners. Attending a field trip that introduces these disciplines can help to overcome some of those qualms.

College Scholarships

As your children reach the end of their high school careers, you will likely find them pursuing various scholarships to fund their college education. In fact, they may find scholarships particularly in the S.T.E.M. disciplines. When they have a solid learning base and an interest in the field, the opportunity to receive these scholarships can grow.

Career Possibilities

Right now, participating in these field trips might just be fun for your kids, but when they become older, they can fondly recall the experiences that they had and transmute those experiences into college studies and career opportunities.

Our S.T.E.M. Field Trips focus on these important fields and they engage and inform your young learners in ways that can truly shape their futures! Schedule your school’s field trip today!