How to Care for Your Roller Skates

Whether to learn to skate like a pro or just to have fun at our open skate hours, owning your own roller skates is a great idea. They can also be a big investment! At Rollhaven, we want you to get the most out of your skate purchase. Check out our tips for roller skate maintenance.roller skates

  • Clean the Inside. Wipe down your skates inside and out every time you take them off, and unlace them before you store them. You don’t want your foot sweat to mildew in the toe! Don’t put your skates near a heater to dry them–leave them to air dry naturally so they don’t get damaged by the heat.
  • Check the Wheels. The wheels should spin freely. If they’re not, check to see if they are dirty, worn, or even chipped or cracked. If they’re dirty, you can simply remove them, clean them off, and put them back on. Make sure that you tighten them securely! Broken or very worn wheels should be replaced–just like on a car, skate wheels that are in bad condition are dangerous.
  • Check the Truck. The “truck” is the metal piece that holds the wheel axles on quad skates. Most skaters will want their trucks to be tight, so check and adjust them if necessary. Even advanced skaters who loosen their truck for more mobility should check to make sure it isn’t too loose.
  • Check the Brakes. If your skates come with an adjustable toe-stop, try changing it around to see what position works best for you. Even if your toe-stop isn’t adjustable it can become loose, so check to make sure it’s secure.  If you use inlines, check the back brake to make sure it isn’t too worn down.

If you come across something you can’t fix, come see us at any of our Rollhaven locations, in Owosso, Flushing, or Grand Blanc. We love to talk roller-skates!

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