Just in Time: Christmas Skate Sale!

Are you finding your holiday shopping is getting more expensive and stressful than you had planned? That’s not uncommon: holiday spending is rising every year. Don’t let it get you down! Rollhaven Skate Centers in Grand Blanc, Flushing, and Owosso have just the thing to make 2017 merry and bright: our Christmas Skate Sale!

skate saleNow through Christmas Eve, buy at least one pair of skates at any of our pro shops and you’ll receive a free admission gift card for the amount of your purchase. That means if you spend $100 on skates, you’ll get $100 back in FREE admission to any Rollhaven location! At our low admission prices, that’s a lot of free skate sessions. This special effectively doubles your gift, making the holidays that much more fun without breaking the bank.

Our pro shops don’t just offer standard quad skates. We also sell inline skates, speed skates, hockey skates, wheels, laces, and more. The friendly, knowledgeable, professional staff can help you make the best skate choice for your skater–or for you. Who says that you can’t get yourself a little something for the holidays? Don’t forget to check out our tips for skate care to keep them in good working order.

The skaters in your life will be so excited to try out their new gift! Since the best gift is the gift of time, why not make a day of it? Come out to Rollhaven Skate Centers with the skater in your life and spend a couple of fun hours making memories you’ll both treasure for years to come.

3 Fun & Unique Facts About Roller Skating

We want to celebrate National Roller Skating Month with fun facts about our favorite past time! Check out our favorite awesome facts about roller skating, then strap on your skates and skate with us today.

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roller skatingA Wedding on Wheels

It’s not too hard to imagine a young couple on their first date racing around the rink in roller skates. But can you imagine a couple wearing roller skates at their own wedding? In 1912, a couple got married while wearing roller skates! It’s safe to say that roller skating was their favorite past time. And this isn’t a tradition that’s been left in the past. We’ve even had a couple of weddings and engagements at Rollhaven!

Roller Skates Debut in the Food Industry

In the 1950’s, it was common to order food from a drive-in and see your attendant come to your car on roller skates! This not only made the customer’s wait time shorter, but also gave the customer a show. The fast-food restaurant Sonic has a Sonic Skate-Off every year to find out which location has the most skilled skaters!

Roller Skating Provides the Best Workout

We all know that roller skating has incredible health benefits. It not only improves your endurance but also strengthens your heart, burns calories, and gives you a full body workout. But did you know that roller skating is much easier on your joints than almost any other workout? Put away your tennis shoes and strap on your skates for a workout that won’t hurt your joints!

So maybe you won’t get married on roller skates, but you can definitely skate with us today to celebrate National Roller Skating Month! Interested in lessons? Check out what we offer!

Sports Team Parties at Rollhaven Flushing

The kids on your sports team have worked hard all season long. Now reward them with a team skate party at Rollhaven Flushing! Give team members a chance to celebrate, share memories of the season, and say goodbye to friends in a safe, fun environment. Through May and June, Rollhaven in Flushing has great, affordable party packages for your sports team.

Groups of 10 or more are eligible for party packages on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. Let us handle the setup, clean up, and all the other details; all you and your team need to do is show up and have fun. We have options for any budget and activity level. We can accommodate teams who just want to skate, or teams who want to do it all, including arcade games and pizza. Athletic kids will love to burn off energy on our skate floor, and coaches and parents will love not having to worry about the weather.

We have plenty of room for any size group, including parents and siblings. Our fun interior is a great backdrop for team photos, and we have space for teams to gather for speeches, sharing memories, recognizing volunteers, a trophy ceremony, and maybe even coach gifts. A skate party at Rollhaven is a memory that players will carry just as long as they remember the season. For very large groups or any team that wants the whole space to themselves, we offer private parties as well!

It’s never too early to plan your team’s sports party. Contact us today to start working on yours!