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Rollhaven - Flushing

Getting the family together for dinner can be difficult so trying to get the family out for a nice group outing can be the biggest challenge of all. The team here at Rollhaven has put together some simple tips that can get the whole family to learn and try new things while having fun!

  • Go back in time and act like a kid again! Your kids will appreciate you getting out of mom or dad role and playing and having a blast with them. Having fun has no age limit or restriction.
  • Your time at Rollhaven is safe and family friendly so no need to feel overwhelmed or worried that your family isn’t in a safe environment.
  • Encourage your kids to learn how to skate if they don’t know how. Skating is a great way to get exercise into their routine in a fun and affordable way.
  • Create memories with the whole family. No matter what age of the kids, toddler to teenage and adult to the second childhood the whole family can have fun, learn and grow together to build stronger memories.

If you want to learn more about what events, hours, and programs we offer, we encourage you to visit our website at roll which will have information for each of our three locations – Grand Blanc, Owosso and Flushing.  Also get connected with us on all our social media platforms:

Grand Blanc: Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Flushing: FacebookTwitter and Google+

Owosso: FacebookTwitter and Google+

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