FUNdraisers at Rollhaven!

January is almost over and spring is inching it’s way closer. For school and kids all around, spring means spring sports. Sports are a great little leagueway for kids to stay in shape, make friends and fingers crossed, earn a scholarship to college. For non-profits, it’s a new year to meet new fundraising goals.  If your child’s team needs a fundraising activity, consider hosting a FUNdraiser at any of our Rollhaven locations- Grand Blanc Twp, Owosso, or Flushing.

How does it work?

It’s simple really, the more skaters join, the more money for your organization.

  • 80-124 skaters, you receive $1.25 rebate per skater. That’s a possible profit of $155!
  • 125-174 skaters, you receive $2.50 rebate per skater. A possible profit of $435!
  • 175-224 skaters, you receive $3.75 rebate per skater. You could reach a profit of $840!
  • 225+ skaters, you receive $5.00 rebate per skater, bringing your profit up to $1,125!

What do we do?

We host your entire FUNdraiser! Our DJ will be there spinning all the best beats to skate to. We’ll have games and prizes to keep the fun quad skatesgoing. You get to mingle with the participants and help raise awareness and funds on a personal level. If you’re a coach or leader, you can skate with your players and have fun with them. If you’re an executive director or leader, you get to skate and mingle with your participants while thanking them for individually for their support. The best part is the peace of mind that comes from knowing your event is being taken care of by our professional team. You will especially love the rebate check we write you afterwards!

What do you do?

First thing is first: Book your FUNdraiser! Next, put up your posters and pass out flyers that we provide, send those emails and tell all your friends and family. As we said, the more skaters you have, the more money you can raise.  Join us on the date of your event and HAVE FUN!

If you’d like to learn more information, or book your event today, simply fill out our contact form or call the Rollhaven nearest to you.

Owosso: (989) 725-9850

Gland Blanc Twp: (810) 694-4533

Flushing: (810) 659-7260


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