Hassle-Free Birthday Parties

Birthday parties for kids are usually fun for the kids. The problem is the parents don’t get to enjoy them. Parents spend their time preparing for the party, managing the party, and cleaning up after the party. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a hassle free way to have birthday parties for kids? A party where the parents can actually enjoy it with their kids? They do exist, and they happen at rollhaven.

Advantages of a Rollhaven Party

They provide everything you need for your party. Invitations, plates, cups, pizza, drinks, a centerpiece, and fun. They also provide a safe environment with supervision. Parents can stay if they choose, and they will only be charged if they choose to skate. If parents choose not to stay, there are people there who make sure the kids are safe and the rules are followed. The other great thing about a Rollhaven party is you can join in on the fun. Get some skates and have fun with your kids. They will remember it long after the party is over.

Birthday Party Pals

Does your child have a cartoon character that they are fascinated with? You can invite their favorite character to the party with Party Pals. Give them a party they will never forget when their favorite character comes for a twenty minute visit to your table. You also get a themed table set up and character balloons.

More Than Just Skatingkids blow on horns

If your kids don’t like to skate, Rollhaven also has lasertag and a bouncy house. You can select one of these for your party, two, or all three.

Birthday parties for kids don’t have to be a big hassle. Book your party today, and relax knowing rollhaven will do the hard work for you.

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