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You know roller skating is a fun, affordable activity the whole family can enjoy together, but did you know how good for you it is? That’s right–skating is a great form of exercise. Here are some of the health benefits of roller skating.

Roller skating offers an aerobic workout similar to jogging, which means your heart and lungs get plenty of work! Cardio exercise strengthens your respiratory system, giving you more endurance to do things like walking, running after kids, and climbing stairs. It’s also very good for your heart. Increasing your heart rate during exercise makes it more efficient when you’re resting. Plus, roller skating is low-impact (except when you fall, but we offer skating lessons to help with that), which means less wear and tear on your joints. skating for exercise

Roller skating is also good for building strength! Your legs will obviously get a great workout, but so will your core. Muscles in your abdomen, back, and buttocks work to help you keep your balance while skating. Stronger legs and a stronger core means better posture and balance, and can help with back pain!

Your physical health isn’t the only thing that can benefit from roller skating. Staying active helps prevent depression and anxiety, improve mental focus and concentration, and promote better sleep. Plus, roller skating has social aspects that many other forms of exercise don’t–the music, lights, and time with friends and family will help boost your mood!

With so many kids not getting the level of activity recommended by experts, why not bring the whole family down to your closest Rollhaven location for a day of active fun? Check out our Summer Matinee specials for great deals in Owosso, Grand Blanc, and Flushing!

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