How to Be a More Polite Skater

There’s nothing better than hitting the rink with your friends. Roller-skating is a great way to stay social, keep active, and have fun. But there’s one thing that can trip you up: rude skaters. Don’t be a rude skater! Ensure an awesome time for your friends (and everyone at the rink) with these tips.

How to Be a Polite Skater

  1. kids teamBreak up the party. If you’re on date, go ahead and skate together! But if you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends at a birthday party, remember that it’s rude to skate five abreast. Split into groups of two or three and pay attention to make sure you’re not in anyone’s way.
  2. Stick to your lane. Did you know that skating rinks have lanes, just like interstates? Here’s the breakdown: slow skaters by the wall (so there’s something to hang onto if you fall), fast skaters toward the middle. If you want to try a trick or master a new jam skating move, stay in the very center and make sure no one is nearby. You don’t want to cause a pileup!
  3. Listen up. The DJ isn’t just here to supply the tunes. Listen for announcement about special songs, skating games, or safety instructions while you skate.
  4. Check your speed. If you have the rink to yourself, go ahead and practice to become the world’s best speed skater. But if there are kids and families skating too, you’ll want to check your speed to make sure they enjoy a safe skating experience.

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