Learning to Skate? Grab a Skate Trainer!

Are you a lifelong roller skater with a friend who’s having trouble learning? Or maybe you’re a Michigan mom looking for a safe way to boost your child’s skating confidence? The solution is waiting at Rollhaven! Anyone can learn to skate with a Skate Trainer. Skate Trainers teach confidence and coordination, giving kids of any age the training wheels they need to persevere. Skate-Mate-Skate-Trainer-1

Skate Trainer

Skate Trainer are an excellent tool for getting your skating legs under you. Whether you’re learning basic balance or trying a new trick, Skate Trainers give skaters a sturdy foundation as they learn to manage their wheels. Made of plastic V’s with 3 rotating wheels (think walkers with wheels), these teaching tools eliminate the risk of falling while new skaters learn to move their feet. With the confidence gained from using a Skate Trainer, beginner skaters will be zipping around the roller-skating floor in no time!

Renting a Skate Trainer

Here at Rollhaven, we know learning to skate can be intimidating. That’s why we have Skate Trainer to help you learn balance and control. For just $5 for 2 hour, you can hone your skating talents with the surety that mistakes won’t land you on your rear.

Roller-Skating Lessons

Have you moved beyond Skate Trainers, but you’re still shaky on your skates? Do you want to learn to roller-skate the old fashioned way? Rollhaven has roller-skating lessons.

Skate your way into confidence at Rollhaven!

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