Quad vs. Inline Skates: What is best for me?

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between Quad Skates and Inline Skates? Have you ever thought about what the best roller skate is for you? At Rollhaven, we want to help by giving you a quick 411 on the basic science of roller skates:

All about Quad Skates

  • Quad Roller Skates Quads have four wheels, which form a box under the skater’s foot. They provide a wide, stable platform for side-to-side balance.
  • Quad skates are braked with a piece of rubber on the front known as a toe stop.

All about Inline Skates

  • Inline skates have 4-5 wheels arranged in a straight line down the center of the foot. They provide balance from front to back and are easy for beginners to get moving.
  • The brakes on the inline skates are a heel stop at the back of the skate.

So what is the best one for you? 

Surprisingly, many people – young and old – find it easier to skate on inline skates. Children and adults pick it up much faster than on traditional quad roller skates. That is because most good inline skates offer more support for feet and ankles when they are the right size, buckled and laced up properly.

But let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter what most people find the easiest to skate with. In the end, it really depends on comfort. That’s why we always recommend you to choose the skates you are most comfortable with.

So, whether you choose quad skates or inline skates, we want to help you have the best roller skating experience possible. Our experts at our Skate Shop would love to help if you have any questions about choosing the best skates or even learning how to skate!

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And remember, stay calm and skate on!


  1. Debra Christman says:

    I have to vote for quads…that’s what I’m used to from skating growing up…tried in-line skates, but couldn’t get used to them…stoppers on the back…

  2. Inline are the best one..

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