Roller Skating Date Night!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and the pressure is on! Have you figured out where to take your sweetheart? If not, why not consider something unexpected like a date at Rollhaven?

It’s true: roller skating makes a great date, even for a date as romantically important as the ones on February 14th. Why?

    • Budget Friendly. Skating is an inexpensive date, but it doesn’t feel like a cheap date. Even though it costs less than $20 for a couple to visit Rollhaven, including skate rental, you’ll have hours of fun in a friendly, clean environment. Save your money for gifts and memories that will last longer than one night.
    • Unique! Think about it: everybody will be going out for dinner. Restaurants are crowded and busy on Valentine’s Day, which means servers and kitchens are overworked, you’ll probably be stuck with a set menu, and you and your date won’t have any privacy. Plus, you can go out to dinner anytime. This year, skip the crowds and do something that’s actually enjoyable.

If you’re still not convinced, remember that there are ways to make a Valentine’s Day skating date at Rollhaven even more special. Ask our DJ to play your song. Hold hands and share stories about when you were teens. You can even get some matching skates at our skate shop!

Remember: a good date is about connecting as a couple, not doing what everybody else is doing. This year, give you and your honey the gift of fun and join us at Rollhaven!

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