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If it’s a summer day or night skate with the family, birthday celebration or girls night out, Rollhaven has fun attractions for everyone! In today’s post, we wanted to share more details on all of our attractions – skating, laser tag, bounce house and our skate shop! Each attraction offers something different for every age group which means everyone in your family can enjoy something fun, active and safe! Join us today at any one of our three locations – Grand BlancOwosso or Flushing!

Glow Floor

Skating: Join us at all three locations and skate the day or night away! Roller skating is fun for the entire family and you burn calories in the process!


Laser Tag: (Grand Blanc Location Only): Our lasertag adventure is played by two teams in our specially designed laser arena. Teams play for the highest score. Your team gets one point each time a player tags an opponent.


Bounce House: Try out our multi -level soft playground for even more fun!  We’ve got a great slide, a kangaroo room, rodeo riders and let’s not forget the swing!  This activity is for kids 54″ and under and will keep them happy for a long time! (Not available at the Owosso location.)


Skate Shop: We have what you need from skates to protective gear, bags, wheels, plates, boots and more.  Come into the rink to get the best in customer service. We can custom fit your skates, do any necessary service and you can even trade your skates in when it’s time to buy a new pair.

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