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Rollhaven is such a wonderful place to go to when you’re in the mood to roller skate! If you have been thinking about skating lately, then we encourage you to grab your skates and join us out on the rink. However, to make sure you are going to have the best skating experience possible, be sure that you are taking proper care of your skates before hitting the rink.skate-maintenance

Roller Skate Maintenance

If your skates are brand new, take some time to check the following:

  • Wheel Nuts – Spin each of your wheels with your hand; if they look wobbly or spin loosely, then you should tighten the wheel nut up before you skate with them.
  • Toe Stops – If your skates have an adjustable toe stop, switch it to a height that feels most comfortable to for you.
  • Trucks – Check your trucks (metal pieces that attach to metal plate; wheels attach to it) and make sure they are secure and not too loose.

Post-Skate Maintenance

  • Sparkle sparkle – If you want to keep your skates looking new for a long time, then you will need to clean them, just like any other item you wear (but that doesn’t mean throw it in the washing machine!). Most skates can be easily cleaned by using mild soap and water on a cloth, and gently wiping down the skates. DO NOT soak or over saturate your skates with water. Wipe them with a dry towel afterwards and let them sit out to dry. Rubbing leather conditioner over your skate boots, also helps add to the longevity and nice appearance of your skates.
  • Odors – Hopefully you wore good socks while skating, but sometimes even good socks cannot prevent sweat and odors from happening inside of your skate. You can take care of this smelly issue just like shoes, simply sprinkle in some baking soda or foot powder. Also, store your skates in a dry space and let them dry out in the sun if they are damp from skating or washing off.
  • Mind Your Bearings – If you feel bumpiness while skating, or your ride just isn’t as smooth as it used to be, it could be your bearings. This can be easily remedied by adding some lube to the bearings.

Rock and Roll

Now that you know some basics about roller skate maintenance, get on over to Rollhaven for one of our fantastic skate sessions ASAP! Check out our schedule to see what we have going on, pick your day and the get ready to rock and roll on your new skates!

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