Skate into STEM!

Looking for a field trip that’s educational as well as fun? Rollhaven locations in Grand Blanc, Flushing, and Owosso have just the thing! Bring your school to our STEM Field Trips!

Whether you’re planning ahead for next school year or looking for field trips for this summer’s session, our STEM field trips are developed by professional educators nationwide. We offer separate programs suitable for elementary or middle school students with seven lessons for younger students and eight for older students. Each of our exciting, interactive lessons is designed to show students how science, technology, engineering, and math exist in the world around them, even in fun activities like roller skating.

Lessons cover a variety of topics, such as geometry, force and friction, light and color, anatomy (both basic and more advanced), heart health, and physical fitness, sound, music, speed, graphing, and statistics, plus many more. Students will put what they learned to use when they design their own skates, skating rinks, lighting and sound plots, and so much more. Our professional educators are passionate, engaging, and excited to help supplement your work in the classroom. All our lessons meet state standards. Plus, each field trip comes with two hours of roller skating! Skating is a great way for kids to get the exercise they need. Reward students for a job well done and let them put some of their new knowledge into practice on the skate floor.

Don’t let your field trips be lackluster this year. Contact us and let Rollhaven help you put together a fun, interactive, educational experience your students will remember for years!

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