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Five Tweens
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“Had my daughter’s birthday party there… She and her friends had a blast, as well as, her mother and myself. Our server was the model of service with a smile. Will definitely go back to skate with my family.” – Larry R Hooks

“Great birthday parties! It’s tough to remember that it’s not just for kids; adults can seriously get their sweat on there, too. Don’t wait 20 years and then come back and say,”I did this all the time when I was a kid!” You never need to stop going. :)” – Kara Brown

“I love this place, the staff are very nice and caring. My grand kids took skating lessons there and enjoyed it very much!” – Iris Cleveland


“Great atmosphere !! Fun for all ages. Great place for the Family. :-)” – Matt Jordan

“Lots of fun, the building always looks clean, and the staff is friendly. Great place for a birthday party.” – Rick Dake

“Took my four-year-old tonight & he loved it! We will definitely be coming back… The staff were amazing & the teenagers were very cautious around him. We had a lot of fun!” – Cortney Sierkowski

Grand Blanc

“Great family fun! The employees were super friendly. I love the Saturday morning kid’s skate. Great time of the day to bring a beginner.” – Shawnna Shorkey

“I scheduled a birthday party at rollhaven for my seven-year-old grandson and he had the time of his life . It was a perfect spot for the kids they all had a blast and time sure went by quick. It was a good deal considering everything that was included. Our server was as sweet as she could be and it was a wonderful time-we will definitely do this again.” – Sandra Kus

“I went here to skate as a kid and now my kids skate here. They go almost every week and always have a great time. The kids skate free program is an absolute blessing. We love the owners and the staff are friendly…Keep up the good work Rollhaven!” – Princess Dee Rockman

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  1. I’m a regular ups skater at owosso, even during the summer, but I’m beginning to lean towards skating some where else during the summer. During the summer the attraction is air conditioning, but the last three or four Saturdays it has been just as hot inside as outside. This past Saturday it was 91 degrees outside and 89 degrees inside, I’m sorry but this is just not acceptable.

    • Rollhaven Skating Center says:

      Hi Jim: Just wanted to let you know that we had someone come in and look at our air conditioning units this week. He was able to get 3 of them running. It won’t be cold in the rink until we’re able to do a more permanent fix but it shouldn’t be as hot as it was last week. Thanks for your patience!

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