Skating GAMES!

Skating in itself is pretty awesome. Skating with friends, is even better. What’s even better than better? Skating GAMES!

What are some skating games?!musical chairs

  1. Remember when you used to play musical chairs in elementary school? Play it on skates! Playing musical chairs on skates adds a fun
    challenge that leaves you smiling and worn out (no kidding!).
  2. Limboooooo! Two people (it’s best if these individuals are not on skates) hold each side of a pole while the skaters form a line. When the music starts playing, each skater tries to limbo under the pole without touching the floor or falling. If you touch the floor or fall, you’re out! With each round the pole lowers, leaving only the most limber and skilled skaters left.
  3. Wipe Out! This one leaves the DJ in command. When the music starts playing, skaters skate until the DJ shoot the duckblows the whistle. When he/she blows the whistle, everyone has to sit on the ground as fast as possible. The point system can vary, but in this example we’ll use boys vs girls. If a boy is the last person to sit down, then the girls get a point. If a girl is the last to sit down, then the boys get a point. The first team to 10 points wins!
  4. Here’s a skating classic- 4 corners! First, a designated captain is select to stand in the middle. When the music starts, skater skating about completely normal, until the music stops! When the music stops, you rush to one of the 4 “corners” in the rink and close your eyes. The person in the middle then chooses a corner at random and the corner she chooses is eliminated! This game continues until only one winner is left!


Do you have any fun skating games? Let us know! Come solo or with friends to one of our THREE locations and skate the day (or night) away! If you have a group that wants to lace up their skates and play some skating games, check out our group rates!

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