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STEM- or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math- are vital areas of education for your children or students to learn. Together, the STEM educational groupings teach students the disciplines they need to succeed in their learning and in the real world, setting a valuable stem academy logofoundation for them to build upon as they grow older.

Despite STEM jobs being some of the best in the US, however, STEM fields are often understaffed, and so are the teachers skilled in the subjects.

At Rollhaven, we’re looking for educators to take part in our STEM learning plans. Our lessons will be conducted in large groups, on at least two days of the weekdays between 9AM and 2PM.

Aside from a passion for STEM learning, proficiency in Microsoft Office and the ability to present all of this information in a manner that young students can understand, feel free to look at our schedule to find a day near you here.

Finally, for those of you who want to support your local schools while providing your kids or students with a fun time, come by and schedule a School Skate Night with us. School Skate Nights allow students, their friends and families to get out and about, socialize and have a good time while helping fund their local schools, funding that goes toward playgrounds, supplies, computers and more.

Learn more about this opportunity and book a date with us. 

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